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PED 515

PED515 syllabus Summer 2011

EDU 255

Rockstar PE - Course blog (assignments and updates)

Spring 2011 Syllabus

Course Calendar

Daily Schedule

Course Content

Pedagogy (art and science of teaching)

Prevent Behaviour Problems

Positive Learning Environment


Lesson Plans, Unit Plans, Activity Progressions
Time coding form (10 second intervals) Watch screencast (Gino B ePortfolio)
Feedback Analysis - Watch screencast
Content Development (pdf) Content Development (Word) Content Development with graph (Word)
International Lab C Assignment

C-9 for Int lab

Block Plan

Scope & Sequence

255 Calendar

PED 201

Rockstar PE - Course blog (assignments & updates)
201 Spring 2011 Syllabus
201 Lab Handbook
201 Google Calendar

Publishing your Labs (screencast - Trent)


Lesson Plans, Unit Plans, Activity Progressions

Positive Learning Environment

Games Packet

Tag Games Packet


Lab Planning (Google Doc - update coming soon)

Lab 1 Templete - Sample Lab1 Responses
Tag games from Adventure Activities
Games from Text: Pg 339-442

Lab 2 Prep

201 Calendar

Lab 2 Olympics Theme:
Lab2 Template (Skill Assessment: run, gallop,hop)
Games from Text: Chapter 18 & 19

Lab 3 Theme: Western
Lab 3 Template (Skill Assessment: leap, horizontal jumping, slide)
StationPE GAMES: Station PE Zano Zoo
Possible games from text: Magic carpet (pg 493, Where's my partner (pg 495, Quick as lightning (pg 496), Crossing the brook (pg 496)

Lab 4 Theme: Dinosaur Train (PBS)
Lab 4 Template (Skill Assessment: overhand throw, catch)
Station PE Games: Fit Fuel Fun – Bon a PE Unit
Games from Text: Silly Zill Zones, Falling Stars, Popcorn Copper, Boundary ball, Tunnel ball, Magic triangle, Cross the line, Kick the can, Guard the castle,

Lab 5 Theme: Easter
Lab 5 Template (Skill Assessment: stationary bounce, kick) -
Station PE Games: Muk – Basketball Unit, Endless Bucket – Wellness Warriors Unit
Games from Text: Zig Zag Soccer (pg 558), Guard the castle (pg 558), Falling Stars (pg 554), Zone B (pg 559),
Bounce Away From the Scarf Snatchers! Games Packet

Lab 6 Theme: Star Wars
Lab 6 template
Station PE Games: Fit Fuel Fun – Bon a PE Unit
Games from Text:
Games Packet: Striking Toward Wall, Striking Toward a Partner, Color Zone Tag (younger students); Multiple-Goal Soccer (older students)
(Prepare a 3-5 parachute games)

Lab 6 Theme: Superheroes with Parachute activities (Prepare at least 10 games) Lab 6.doc
Station PE Games: Fit Fuel Fun – Bon a PE Unit
Games from Text: