PE Tech Tips Sheet (PETTS)


How to start a blog (using Blogger/ Blogspot) - Sample 2
How to Create a Blog with Blogger - video
Blog Walker

How to publish google docs file as a webpage and link to it in your blog or this sheet
How to embed forms into your blog
How to Add Music or MP3 Songs in Your Blogspot Blog
How to Embed MP3 Audio Files In Web Pages With Google or Yahoo! Flash Player
-Embedding a smaller flash player
Different Ways to Share: Embedding albums, images, and slideshows
How to create expandable post summaries in Blogger
Another similar way to create expandable posts in Blogger

Advanced Blog

4 Easy Tips to Improve Your Blogger Blog (
How to Install a Blogger XML Template
Blogger Blog Tricks
Blogger Blog Tips
Blogger Template Fix
12 No-crap Tools to Make Your Blog Better
How To Convert Your Blog Articles Into Cool Videos (Article to Video Converter -
Live Blogging – Cover It Live


Download Picasa
- Download pictures from Picasa online shared album by clicking the "Download" button for each individual photo. Do NOT click on thumbnails and "Save As.."
- Make collages and movies (Screencast - Chris I)
- Creating a collage to use for your blog header (Elena F)

Other fun photo
- Big Huge Labs – photo special effects


How To Create & Share Screencasts On Twitter With Screenr - (
Screencast Software
  1. Publishing, sharing Google Docs & embedding videos - (Chris I)
  2. Creating collages in Picasa (Ben P)
  3. Embedding mp3's - (Chris I)
  4. Posting mp3's to your blog (Chris I)
  5. Changing height & weight of embedded videos (SY)
  6. Creating movies in Picasa (Chris I)
  7. Using WM Converter (freeware) to convert and compress video to .FLV format (SY)
  8. Using Audacity to record and edit your voice (Justen M)
  9. Creating movies in Windows Movie Maker (Nate D)
  10. Creating a collage to use for your blog header (Elena F)

Movie Making (Movies, slideshows)

- Use Movie option in Picasa software (can include short videos like the one on our PE Dept webpage
- Creating movies in Picasa (Screencast - Chris I)
- How To Use Handbrake To Attach Subtitles To A Movie File

Other movie making sites

Using Music

(for your online videos and presentations)
If you choose to use your own music (to which most of us do not own the copyright or permission to use) you may only use up to 30 seconds of a song. If you post a video with copyrighted music (without the publisher's permission) - they may "flag" your video, remove it or even disable the audio portion, and perhaps even "lock" you out of your account. More details about copyright in education can be found here:

Public Domain Audio

Shooting & Making Videos

Vimeo Video School
Creating movies in Windows Movie Maker (Screencast Nate D)

Movie making freeware

Windows Movie Maker


How to create podcasts - guide

Podcast freeware

Audacity Quick Start
Using Audacity to record and edit your voice (Screencast - Justen M)

Podcast hosting services

- Blog Talk Radio
- PodBean

Micro Blogging


Google Reader Help

Get started with Google Reader-Video
Add RSS Feeds with Google Spreadsheet

Games & Apps Creation

    1. Andriod App Inventor
    2. PowerPoint Games -EdGames
    3. Scratch (
    5. KIDOS -